How it Works

How Works !

Step 1. Register in a Minute:

It is mandatory to register at YoungTalento to participate in any of our ongoing contests. Registration is very simple and is a one-time process. Post registering, you can use your credentials to participate in any number of subsequent contests.

Step 2. Choose a Contest:

After registering, browse through the ongoing contests for the month and review the contest specific rules after which you can shortlist the ones desirable for your child. There is no restriction on the number of contests a child can participate.

Step 3. Upload Submission:

Click on the contest which you intend to participate and upload your submission using the Submit button. Make sure to adhere to any file format restrictions mentioned in the contest specific rules.

Step 4. Vote and Get Votes:

Once we validate your submission, we will upload the same across all our social media platforms. You can promote your child’s entry by liking, sharing, commenting across all our social media platforms. Don’t forget that you can also vote in our website every 30 mins from each IP address.

Step 5. Be Winners:

The winners are decided purely based on the total points calculated from the votes they accumulated across our website and our social media platforms such as Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Youtube. Total Points are calculated as per the following rules

Total Points = Website votes + (Facebook shares + likes)/5 + Instagram likes /3 + Twitter likes/4 + (YouTube likes + views) /3