Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do to participate?
Scan the QR code in our contest posters or visit our website to register. After successful registration, login using your credentials. Navigate to the appropriate Contest page and upload your submission there. You must follow us on all our social media platforms.
2. What is the age limit for the contests?
3. Can I participate without registering?
4. Does uploading submissions in any of your social media pages count as a submission?
5. What do the winners get?
6. How are winners decided?
7. Can I upload multiple submissions for the same contest?
8. Do I have to be the parent of the kid who participates?
9. When and where will the winners list be published?
10. What are your social media channels?
11. How do I contact you for clarifications?
12. What should I do if I forgot my userid/password?
13. What is the maximum size of image/video submission ?