Imagine that you have invented a new product or came up with an innovative solution for a burning problem. What if after you launched it, no one comes to know about it? What use will that be of then? All your efforts and hard work will be put to rest in such a situation.

We all should realise that establishing an amazing business is merely just the first step while the most important second step is attracting potential customers towards the same aka advertising. Effective advertisements are the ones that are targeted towards the right audience, are attractive, and showcases the uniqueness of your innovation in the most creative way possible.

So are you eager to try your hands at advertising? Then ?#CreativeAds? is the perfect contest for you. Create a unique and one of a kind advertisement to Promote ?YoungTalento? and upload a video of your advertisement. Let your creativity flow.

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Age Group 2 : 9 to 13