Extracurricular contests

Extracurricular contests to boost young one's passion and ambition from childhood.

Co-Curricular contests

Contests to supplement academics and encourage young ones to think creatively.

Multi-Talented Contests

Contest will challenge
young one’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.

YoungTalento Ongoing Contests

Why to use YoungTalento stage

We are hosting innovative contests to showcase the young talents and you are the judges. At YoungTalento, we aim

  • To emphasis talents of every child.
  • To host a variety of contests cause the potential of a child cannot be measured by a contest alone.
  • To provide a trustworthy transparent system with display of live voting results.

How YoungTalento Works !

We are providing best in class innovative contests to showcase your child’s talents and you are the judges.

how youngtalento works!

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Our Contest Winners

The first step towards victory is participation and every participant is a winner. Every participation helps fine tune your skills ultimately leading you to success.